A random collation of bits and bobs found while muddling around London or anything that captures my fancy really.
  • Always thought there was something a bit romantic about looking though fancy gates…

  • Electrifying jellyfish at the Horniman Museum aquarium. Loved this.

  • Back online

    It’s been almost two years since I’ve posted - a lot has happened. No reason I stopped other than I suppose life got in the way. Which can also be viewed as a good thing! Anyway, I’ve decided to start again as many things are capturing my interest and I would love to have somewhere to bring them together so I don’t forget. So here I am again. 

    One word describes what has happened since I last posted - baby. Amazing how inspiring a little new life is and how tiring!  

  • Happy Christmas from Rouyn Nouranda!

  • Another Christmas tree for you. This time in front of St Paul’s cathedral.

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  • Christmas in London is full of amazing lights. I love the Covent Garden tree all lit up in the evening.

  • Saturday morning bliss. Monmouth coffee delivers again.

  • The Christmas tree is up at work :)

  • The benefits of short days mean I get to see a lot more sunrises. Amazing view on my London commute this morning.

  • Beautiful Autumn colours on our walk yesterday.