Back in London.

A random collation of bits and bobs found while muddling around London or anything that captures my fancy really.

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Taking the time

I’ve just read a beautiful blog post from a mum who has been living with her eldest son’s leukaemia treatment for the last year. Her story ( was a lovely reminder to take stock of what’s important in life and slow down to enjoy it.

Life runs by so fast these days (it’s the end of September already!), it’s good to be reminded to take some time and literally smell the roses. Until I find a rose (there are some amazing ones in the church garden near Goose Green), I’ll sit here and enjoy breast feeding my little E because those days are numbered and I want to treasure every one.

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Back online

It’s been almost two years since I’ve posted - a lot has happened. No reason I stopped other than I suppose life got in the way. Which can also be viewed as a good thing! Anyway, I’ve decided to start again as many things are capturing my interest and I would love to have somewhere to bring them together so I don’t forget. So here I am again. 

One word describes what has happened since I last posted - baby. Amazing how inspiring a little new life is and how tiring!  

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